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At Washed Tee we recognize the fact people need fun, simple, great looking shirts to wear for everyday use, out on the town, and for everything in between.

That why we can up with some a simple design that has such a huge impact. With today style and and all over shirts, we wanted to keep it simple and to the point. Washtee's started its design's in 2007 and to this day has continued to provide amazing t-shirts.

If you dont find what it is your looking for, head over to Custom Design section and we can create a perfect t-shirt just for you.  And we can even do custom wholesale orders well, get a hold of us and look around and let us know how  we can make Washedtee your favorite tee.


Kids, Toddler Washed Tee's and Baby Onesies

Kids can also enjoy the style and fun of Washtee's. We carry a long line of kids t-shirts and apparel. We carry along line of Toddler sizes, from t-shirt, long sleeves, one pieces, and teenager favorite tee's.

Check out our kids and toddler section for all our latest Washedtee's, if you don't find what your looking for head over to Custom Designs and we can help you make a, truly, one of a kind shirt for your kids, toddler, or infant.

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Limited Edition Army Washed Tee

The Army tee is a great way to show military pride. With a distressed look and feel, and dark olive green.This will be the perfect tee for anyone severing in our armed forces.

If your want a custom text for this shirt, shoot us and email and one of our sales reps will get your custom design started.

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